Scott Kelby and his team continue to innovate and educate using every drop of technology that they can. Just look at a FEW of the ways that you can learn from the Kelby klan.

There has been a print publication from Kelby Media Group forever it seems. Then there are the Photoshop World Conferences (I’ll see you at the show in Vegas next month.) There is the incredibly valuable and helpful Kelby TV with shows such as the Grid and of course the online courses at Kelby Training.

Now – to just add more coolness to the pile Scott Kelby and company release a new e-zine if you will called “Light It Magazine for the iPad.” It is just like a print magazine only minus the paper.

Of course, predictably, the Apple haters immediately heard the word “iPad” and were rousted from their mothers’ basements with a vengeance – and you can guess the rest. But for those who actually own an iPad and who downloaded the first free episode, the experience was great.

You need to read Scott’s tongue-in-cheek Q&A about the new iPad magazine here  – good for a laugh and done only as Scott Kelby can do it.

Let’s get past all that and actually talk about the magazine. It’s beautiful, well-designed and well illustrated. It uses the iPad technology in a way that no other magazine does in that it is simple, elegant, easy and effective.

The variety of articles and authors was impressive. Even the ads were cool and informative. And reading it was fun. There are no tricks to figure out. You don’t need a manual to use the iPad magazine. You just know how to use it intuitively. Want to turn a page? Swipe. Want to see an image larger. Tap it. Etc.

The content comes from some of the most well-known names in the industry and as the name implies, it’s all about light.

It really does feel like a magazine when you read it. But the images are better quality and the ability to embed video is a real plus.

If you download the free app and the first free edition of the magazine, you will receive a ton of valuable, helpful, timely, fun advice. If you actually spend time applying that advice, you will be a better photographer – plain and simple.

This technology is the thing that ALL magazine companies will need to use if they want to survive. It’s cheaper to buy an issue of the iPad version of most magazines and at $2.99 an issue for this one, you can bet you’d pay more for a print version on the magazine rack OR by subscription.

It’s $2.99 to download the second issue. Kelby plans on releasing eight issues per year, the next one comes out in September or October.

In conclusion I’d say the navigation, image quality, layout, readability, embedded videos and yes the content – from some of the best photographers and teachers around – make it easy to give “Light It Magazine for the iPad” a big thumbs up. Highly recommended. Give it a try and decide for yourself. The application and first issue are free.

NOTE: I have no business relationship with Scott Kelby or his empire beyond being paid a few bucks to speak at Photoshop World once a year. If anything, many people think Scott Kelby and I are competitors. So why would I promote this competitor’s product? Simple. It’s great and good for the industry. My job at Photofocus is to try to help people become better photographers. ANYTHING – even if it isn’t from my company – that does that, is something worthy of mentioning here at

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