If you could (or had to) banish one subject from your photographs what would it be and why? (Answer on Twitter to @ScottBourne.)

Sometimes we get in a rut. We photograph the same thing over and over and over. That’s not always bad. But it can be.

Would you eat the same thing for dinner every night of the week? Would you watch the same movie every Saturday? (I’m afraid of some of the answers I’ll get here but you get the point.)

It might be worthwhile to change things up. Stop photographing the same thing over and over and over.

The word “ban” might be strong, but you can reduce (or temporarily eliminate or discontinue) something you usually shoot in favor of something you don’t as an experiment. Perhaps you aren’t growing as a photographer because you photograph the same thing day after day? Don’t get me wrong. There can be many advantages in covering one subject very well. But sometimes everyone needs a break. Refreshing your eye is important. In fine restaurants they give you a chance to cleanse your palate. I think photographers need to do that once in a while too.

As for me? I’m not banning them at all, but I am certainly slowing way down on shooting birds for now, and concentrating on cars instead. It’s been a little sad. I miss the birds. But I have 410,000 bird pictures. It might be time to try something else for a while :)

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