Doug Gordon is a well-known wedding photographer from the East Coast. He’s been a professional speaker on the photo circuit for years.

Like many photographers, when Doug was looking for a unique lighting solution he put his own stamp on one and what resulted was the Doug Gordon Torchlight.

Doug markets this LED light as “A light that does it all.” I’ve only used mine for about four hours but I have to say, I can see many applications for it.

It works as daylight source, tungsten light and a fluorescent light (using filters.) It is very small and light weight, weighing less than two pounds. It has a small footprint and will fit in the smallest camera bags. The unit has a self-contained battery that lasts just under four hours. To recharge, just plug it in for an hour and you’re ready to go again. There is a battery charge indicator that lets you know it’s either full, half full or needs a charge.

You can mount the light on any standard tripod socket. It does not come with a shoe mount. I think it works best in conjunction with a Gorilla Pod. You can clamp it anywhere that way.

It is self-contained, well-made and perfectly balanced for photography. I used it to fill, I used it to give me a catchlight and I even used it to help my autofocus.

The only problem I have with the Torchlight is the price. The retail price on Doug’s site is $459. He almost always has them on sale at various photo conferences for as little as $389. At the sale price it’s very reasonable. Several LED lights I’ve used cost as much or more. At $459 it’s a tad expensive. There are certainly less expensive versions of similar products. That said, many of the Chinese knockoffs are simply nowhere nearly as well-built or reliable and you do indeed get what you pay for.

The specific advantages of Doug’s light are that the light is well made, it is flexible, it is small and it is lightweight.

I have used just about every LED light on the market and I have no problem giving this one my highest recommendation – assuming you can find it at the sale price.

For more information go to Doug Gordon’s Website.

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