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Photographic composition is a tricky thing. It depends on taste. It depends on point of view. It depends on being able to see before there is something to be seen. It’s an art and a science and it’s very subjective.

When I took my first few photo workshops, the composition instructors used to tell me that you can’t mix lines and circles. Like many when I was young, all you needed to do was tell me I can’t do something and I decided to try. Most of the time it turned out my instructors were dead on. You really couldn’t do most of the things they talked about. But with regard to their belief that you can’t mix lines and circles, sorry – that one they got wrong.

In the photo above I’ve got all kinds of lines and circles going on. I made this a vertical shot to exemplify all the leading lines and how they can successfully interact with the circles from the burnout.

If you want the visual emphasis on the subject, place the subject at the intersection of circles and lines and the viewer’s eye will be drawn into the place you want it to land in the photograph.


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