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You’re stuck. You’re not feeling creative. You are looking for good photographic subjects but you just aren’t finding them.

Here’s a short post that is designed to get you off the couch and back in the field with your camera in hand.

1. What do you believe in? I mean really believe in? Do you believe in God? Do you believe in love? Do you believe in family?

Whatever it is you really believe in can motivate you to photograph something that matters. Think about it.

2. Is there a defining moment (as Henri Cartier-Bresson called it) in your life? Is there a turning point where everything changed for you? What photographic subjects can you attach to that moment? Might be worth thinking about if you’re looking for something to shoot.

3. What makes you uncomfortable? While it’s counterintuitive, things that make us uncomfortable might just make for excellent photo subjects. When something is worrisome, it brings out a different set of emotions than those you might usually explore. This (while not always fun) can lead to amazing images.

4. What are you an expert at? Are you a birdwatcher, accomplished guitar player, champion baseball player or just really good at playing Spades? Whatever it is you know best is often a place where you can explore deeper and deeper than others who know that subject less. Don’t discount your own expertise as a source of inspiration.

5. What can you find that is useful or helpful to someone else? Often taking our own angst and setting it aside in favor of helping someone else can free us from the bondage of doing nothing. Think about how you can photograph something that will help someone else and if you have any human empathy at all you will find subjects as fast as you can think.

It’s not hard to find something to photograph, if you’re really looking that is.


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