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Go to the ballgame. Go to any kind of ballgame. Take your compact camera (not your big honking pro camera with long lens which will make you stand out.)

At the ballgame, you will find all sorts of interesting things to photograph. Look for signage, the game itself and most of all, the interesting people you will see at the game.

The great thing about sporting events is that they are a melting pot. People of all races, colors and creeds, from all sorts of different backgrounds and beliefs attend sporting events. Whether it’s the well-heeled people in the luxury suites or the kids out in the back bleachers, there are all sorts of characters at a ballgame.

Try using your camera to train your eye to find DIFFERENT things at the same place. Or assign yourself a project like photographing only colors, or shapes or signs or smiles or reactions. Whatever you decide to do, going to a ballgame will freshen your eye and your point of view. This might just end up being valuable later when you’re shooting the stuff that counts.

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