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I made the above photo with my iPhone 4.0. It was something I see every day. In the morning, the light streams through my kitchen window. The tree just outside casts a shadow I find both interesting and peaceful, so I used my iPhone to make this image.

I love the fact that the iPhone is always nearby. There’s no case to open, no memory card to worry about, no focusing – just push a button a record a moment. For me it means more photos.

But there are a few things you can do to improve on the quality of your cell phone photos. It all starts with treating your phone camera like a REAL camera. What do I mean by that? I mean show it some respect.

In the photo above, I waited on the light – just like I would do with a “real” camera. I spent time thinking about composition, I cleaned my lens, I used two hands to hold the camera steady and further steadied the shot by putting my elbows on my mini-bar. I got close, paid attention to framing, selected an angle that worked, etc.

In other words, even though it was quicker and easier than breaking out the D7000 or the Leica M9, I treated the iPhone camera like a real camera when it comes to the photography.

Give it a try. Take your time. Treat your cell phone camera like a real camera and marvel at the pictures you can make.

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