I am awash in camera bags, yet I never seem to have enough of them. A new camera bag recently made it’s way into my studio called the Think Tank Speed Racer V2.0. It’s a bag you work out of and it holds one DSLR (including large, professional bodies like the Nikon D3s or Canon 1D MK IV) and two or three lenses plus a few accessories.

Think Tank advertises the product as one that can be used as either a shoulder bag or a belt pack but I like to use it as both. The combination of using the belt along with the shoulder strap gives me the feeling of security that I always know where the bag is on my body and I don’t have to worry about it sliding around or falling off my shoulder.

Your gear is very accessible when you’re using this bag. You can reach through the top of the bag to grab your camera or lenses without any problem.

As with all ThinkTank bags, the construction and zippers are all top notch. Think Tank bags are amongst the most rugged I’ve ever tested. They are also accordingly a little bit heavier (empty) than other bags, but just as you’re safer in a Chevy Suburban than a Honda Fit in a crash, sometimes you need “beefy” to protect the cargo.

The shoulder strap is very comfortable and supportive. The bag also comes with a rain cover. Other features of note – stretchable side pockets and a top carry handle.

In general, every solution that I’ve tried like this comes up short in that it’s never quite large enough for my gear. The Speed Racer 2.0 probably comes the closest to being as big as I’d want it to be compared with other bags I’ve used. The original version of this bag was definitely too small for me. They’ve made it slightly larger without making it bulky but I do wish it were just one inch wider. Version 3.0 perhaps?

I have been using Think Tank bags for a very long time and love the fact that they are designed by actual photographers. The quality, craftsmanship and design of every Think Tank bag is amazing. No camera bag is perfect as evidenced by the fact that we all have several of them, but this one is darn good.

If you want a waist pack/shoulder mount combo you can work out of, the Think Tank Speed Racer V2.0 is absolutely worth your consideration.

I like it and when I need to grab and go with only one DSLR and a couple of lenses, I’m confident the Speed Racer 2.0 will do the job. The only real caveat is the $179.75 price tag. Every camera bag seems over priced to me lately. I’d give this bag a “highly recommended” if it were under $150 but due to the price, I’ll say “recommended.”


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