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Stuff that makes it easier for me to be a successful photographer.

In no particular order, here’s the software I use every day to make my life easier.

1. After more than five years using Aperture I simply can’t think of what my life was before it. It makes keeping track of my images, editing, adjusting, archiving and sharing them easy as can be.

2. I use Nik Complete Collection (or some part of it) every day. Whether it’s Nik Silver Efex Pro II, HDR Efex Pro or old stand by Color Efex Pro, this suite of tools has simply saved me hundreds – even thousands of hours in post.

3. Magic Bullet PhotoLooks is one of those pieces of software that you don’t hear about much but I’ll tell you one thing – I can’t imagine working on portraits without this $199 gem. The ability to quickly, painlessly and artfully work on an image at the press of a mouse button has become like digital crack for me. I might say this is my favorite post filter of all.

4. Topaz Adjust is very inexpensive and very easy to use but I find myself loving it just the same. I use it for HDR, for portraits for landscapes – you name it. It has a super easy interface and can do amazing things – again – at the press of a mouse button.


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