In case you’ve missed it – and I don’t know how you have – Skip’s Summer School is coming up again July 31, 2011 in Las Vegas.

This is an annual boutique photography conference hosted by photo industry giant Skip Cohen. Skip has 41 years in the photo business including executive positions at Polaroid, becoming President of Hasselblad USA, President of Rangefinder/WPPI etc.

Skip now runs his own consulting company MEI500  and as part of that portfolio puts on an amazing photography conference every year. I’ve been privileged to speak at each of the previous events and will be speaking this year alongside what I believe to be the single best photo conference faculty ever fielded. If this were professional baseball this would be the All Start team!

Here’s the lineup – Jules Bianchi and Joy Bianchi Brown, Clay Blackmore, Bambi Cantrell, Skip Cohen, Tony Corbell, Bob Davis, Jerry Ghionis, Doug Gordon, Kevin Kubota, Vincent LaForet, Bobbi Lane, Tamara Lackey, Matthew Jordan Smith, Roberto Valenzuela – and me.

It costs $279 to attend. Unlike most conferences, you have a guaranteed seat at a table, with space to stretch out, and no long lines to stand in to see the people you paid to see. There is no trade show per se – but there are vendors in the room who are organically part of the program. Best of all – the networking is amazing. The show is much smaller (by design) than most other photo conferences so you can really take time to interact with everyone – including the presenters.

If you’d really like to come – but you can’t afford the $279 ticket – I’ll buy it for you – well for 10 of you anyway. You have to get to Vegas on your own. You have to handle your food, hotel and transportation – but I’ll buy your conference pass for you. All I ask is that you send me a brief e-mail (bournemediagroup @ detailing what you hope to get out of the conference, along with your plans for covering the hotel, food and transportation costs, and I’ll consider buying your ticket. I’ll pick the 10 people who I think need to go most and who I believe WILL go. If you ask for the ticket and don’t use it – you’ll be depriving someone else who may have really needed it – so please, don’t ask for my help if you have no intention of going.

The only other rules are – you must be a US resident (sorry but I find it unlikely you live outside the USA and can afford to fly to Vegas but don’t have the money to buy the conference ticket – this is somewhat needs based) and you must be at least 18 years old. Send your email to bournemediagroup @ I’ll post a list of the winners in a few days. Good luck. I hope to see you at Summer School.

P.S. I’ll have a post on EXIF data later today.