I have lots and lots and lots of iPhone Photo Apps. But I’ve been thinking about streamlining EVERYTHING in my studio, and just trying to think about what I actually use. While I think there many cool apps, I don’t find myself using that many of them. So with the idea that I’d report on what I actually USE, here is my current list of favorite iPhone Photo Apps – in no particular order…

1. f/8 DOF Calculator from BitWerkz – Cool DOF that works for just about any camera model.

2. Photoshop Express from Adobe – While I don’t use my iPhone to edit many photos, when I do, I use Photoshop Express.

3. Tilt-shift-focus from http://tsf.dev-lux.com/ – a cool little app that lets you make images that look like they were taken with a Tilt-Shift lens.

4. 100 Cameras in 1 from StuckInCustoms – if you haven’t used this app you really need to give it a try. Extremely fun and creative and gives your photos processed looks at the hit of a button.

5. Hipstamatic from Hipstamatic – a great little app for shooting and sharing images and includes an iPhone print lab.

Five Bonus Also rans…

6. CameraBag

7. BestCamera

8. Autostitch

9. Pro HDR

10. Darkroom


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