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If you follow my work you know that I enjoy wildlife photography. Yesterday a reader asked me if I had a list of resources for photographers who want to find and photograph wildlife. The answer is I did not – but I do now.

Here are several places you can go for information that will help you get your next wildlife shot.

1. (

Your complete wildlife discovery source. Lists of all North American animals plus additional wildlife resources.

2. BirdWatchingDaily – Formerly Birders World Magazine (

A great way to study quality bird photography.

3. National Wildlife Federation (

Since 1936, the NWF has educated people about wildlife. Patient photographers can comb through this material and find great information on wildlife behavior, habitat and yes, wildlife photography.

4. National Geographic (

If you want to see pictures of wildlife, learn about wildlife or get access to wildlife resources, National Geographic is a great place to start.

5. National Park Service (

Information, maps, interpretation and education for wildlife photographers. You can locate some tremendous wildlife subjects in America’s national parks.

6. America’s National Wildlife Refuge System (

The very best places in America to photograph wildlife, period!

7. U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service (

Conservation and wildlife management. A great resource if you want to understand wildlife conservation, learn about the animals you photograph and find good wildlife photography locations.

8. U.S. Naval Observatory – Sun & Moon Data (

Get the sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset times you need to plan your photo shoot.

9. (

Get the weather forecast you need to plan your photo shoot.


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