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Simple tip today: Try moving the camera height to get a different look with your photography.

Whether I am photographing birds or babies, I often find that a low camera angle can have a stunning impact on the resulting image.

In this case, I was near Sarasota Florida tracking a group of Roseate Spoonbills in breeding plumage. I could have made this shot from a beach, but the angle would have been a much higher camera angle. By getting down to the water level on a boat, I was able to make a much more dramatic image that pulls in the viewer by creating a stronger connection between them and the subject.

Especially when photographing animals, eye-level shots are more exciting. There are other benefits. I was able to eliminate distractions in both the foreground and background by using this angle. A low angle is helpful for separating the subject from the background.

You don’t need to make every shot at five feet, six inches. Get low and see what happens.

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