When you HAVE to ship photography gear in the cargo hold of an airplane or want to ship something via commercial carrier like UPS, then you need a stout case. I used this case to ship photo gear to and from Alaska on both a commercial jet and via private courier. It came through without so much as a scratch. More importantly, so did my gear.

While Tenba sells its Transport 2 as a case for carrying lighting gear, I packed it with multiple tripods, heads, a slider, some tools and even some clothes. Let’s just say I was beyond impressed with how much gear I could comfortably pack into the Tenba.

The internal framework of this case is very, very sturdy. It is as strong as some much heavier shipping cases I’ve used. That’s surprising, given how light it is.

Tenba says this case’s construction includes a multi-layered skeleton of air-channeled plastic panels, high-density foam, and specially-molded framing components, with a heavily reinforced ballistic nylon outer shell. The Transport: 2 meets or exceed ATA shipping standards.

There are wheels on one end that make it very easy to roll the case. There are handles at both ends and in the middle of the bag. The zipper that closes the case has a layer of fabric that covers it up so it’s not going to leak. The case empty weighs just 12 pounds. At $469 it’s not inexpensive, but as something that has to stand up to the rough treatment bags get in airport cargo holds, that’s a fair price.

It’s lighter than any other shipping case I own which means it can pay for itself over the long run compared with heavier plastic cases, since it will cost less to ship.

Highly recommended.


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