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By Matthew Jordan Smith and Scott Bourne

This is a simple post. It won’t take much time to read. If you want to flatter a subject, turn them toward the light. This is called short light. (It’s particularly flattering for heavier people but works on everyone.) It changes the shape of the model’s face. There’s more detail. The shadows are more flattering and it’s a beauty look that always works.

If you turn your subject away from the light, this is called broad light. In this setting, the shadows become more pronounced and deeper. The nose looks different and that quality of “beauty” that you see in most magazines goes away. If you’re looking for drama or working with really thin people – this is great. But in most cases, if you want to show your subject at their best, turn them toward the light.

(NOTE: We used Chimera constant lighting and softboxes for this image – very easy to work with. Full review coming soon.)

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