I love the coloration on the underside wings of the immature Bald Eagles – Copyright Scott Bourne 2011 All Rights Reserved

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Sometimes, no matter how well you prepare, you strike out. We had one of those days during this trip. It was very windy and gray. The skies and the weather simply didn’t allow for any decent photography. When traveling to places like Alaska it’s actually easy to get shut out altogether. I personally spent eight days here once without being able to take my camera out of the bag because the weather was THAT bad.

We’ve generally had excellent weather on this trip, but on the down day, I took advantage of the time to look at my images. I must say I am happy with some of the results. Given the fact that I have this one chance, less than two weeks long to do it all, I am glad to say I have more keepers than I expected.

But then again, it’s easy to get a bit down on the days when there is no good light. Knowing how great it can be makes it even more agonizing to sit in the lodge and wait.

I was minding my own business when this immature Bald Eagle landed within a few feet of me! Copyright Robert O’Toole

In addition to using the time to edit images and look through video, I took this time to research my subjects, talk to locals, learn local history and generally start building relationships I can utilize next time I am here to up my chances of success.

The first phase of the trip is winding up. Phase II will unfortunately be something I can’t share with you. The images from the second half of the trip have been locked up in an exclusive licensing deal. The locations I am working are sensitive in that I need to protect the wildlife there and publishing that information could threaten the safety of the critters in that part of the world. So this part of the trip and the diary will soon end.

I have to admit to being tired. I didn’t bring enough assistance on this trip. Spending long hours in the field used to have almost zero impact on me. But at my advanced age, it’s taking its toll. Enjoy your youth while you still have it :)

Still – when the light is good, and the winds are coming from the right direction, and the birds are plentiful, I hardly seem to notice my old bones aching. I start to drift out of my funk at the bad weather and start seeing the light – just as well or better than I did when I was a kid. I’ll have one more post to the diary after this one. I really appreciate all the positive feedback you all have given me about the images I’ve posted from this journey. I know it’s corny, but in a way I feel like by sharing the diary with you, that I had some company along side me up here in the great state of Alaska.


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