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Brian Crussel is a photographer in Indiana. He also distributes a product called MyRinglight. It is an unusual ring light in that it works using continuous lighting and no strobe. It will work with virtually any camera and lens and is quite portable.

This is a 65 watt fluorescent ring light. It is a shoot through device that is mounted to a gooseneck. The gooseneck is adjustable. It’s designed to fit with pretty much any light stand. However, I feel like the gooseneck mount is simply not sturdy enough. The articulating gooseneck attachment should be beefier in my opinion, but when paired with a good clamp and a standard C-Stand head, and the light mounts safely and securely.

When working with the MyRingLight, I set my white balance to fluorescent (5400 degrees Kelvin) and set the ISO to 800. With an aperture of F/4 to F/5.6 I was making good images but occasionally I opened up to F/2.8 and found the light to be consistent.

All ringlights have one characteristic – they are by nature harsh lights. The MyRinglight is no exception. The closer you put it to your subject the better in order to reduce the specularity you see on your subject’s skin. I  think that Brian should develop, manufacture and produce some sort of diffusion material to cover the light. If he did, it would go from good to great. While he suggests that you can make your own diffuser, I for one don’t have time or interest in doing so.

I do like the design. By putting the MyRinglight on a light stand with wheels, I was easily able to move and position the light for great images.

The MyRinglight is $249. You can buy it direct from MyRinglight.com for more information. It’s a bit confusing to buy this product on Brian’s website, but clicking any image below the video will take you to an order page. You can also contact Brian directly at [email protected]

This is a brilliant idea that is fairly-well executed, but with room for improvement. I can see it being particularly valuable to people who regularly shoot portraits and want a fresher look.



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