Artist: Michael Corsentíno


This is a combo book DVD that shows you – step-by-step, how to take photographs with your camera that end up looking like fine art masterpieces. There are 25 “recipes” that help you refine the way your images look.

I have met Michael Corsentino. He is bright, brilliant, friendly and serious about his photography as an art form. All of this shows in his imagery. His wedding photos are superb and he is part of a crop of young rising stars who will no doubt be the rock stars of the wedding photography industry.

Don’t be confused though. You don’t need to be a wedding photographer to take advantage of Corsentino’s recipes. They apply to any sort of portraiture from pets, to kids to wildlife.

This product is different from any other I’ve ever reviewed in that it also requires you to have several other products to really get the full benefit from it. To get the most out of the Michael Corsentino Style Book you need To use this book you will need Kubota Imaging tools including, Kubota Artistic Tools Volumes 1-4, Production Tools Volume 2, Sloppy Borders, Texture Tools Industrial, and Texture Tools Earth. If I have any criticism of this system it’s that you have to search through the site to find all the Actions that are employed by the artist. I’d prefer a one click to buy everything approach. But if you visit both the Actions page on Kubota’s site and the link to the book above, you’ll find everything you need.

Kevin is a friend of mine and has been an occasional co-host on Photofocus the podcast. I can attest to the value of the tools he sells. You should know this book/DVD and associated products from Kubota are more expensive than most products we review on Sundays here on Photofocus. But in this case, they are worth it.

The before and after approach that Michael takes in this book is great. He explains his original vision for the picture and how he transformed it to the final art piece. It becomes clear through his generosity of spirit, the details he shares, including meta data, and his final results, that Michael wants you to be able to emulate his approach and find your own artistic success.

Many of you already have Kubota Actions. They are amongst the most popular on the market. If you JUST bought the Kubota Actions, you might be lost as to how they can each be applied to make a great image. When you have Michael’s recipes – this process becomes a breeze.

The Actions you need are also available from http://kubotaimagetools.com/index.html

This is really a workshop in a book as far as I am concerned and if viewed in that manner, it’s a steal. You’d be hard-pressed to get Michael’s personal attention to your post-processing workflow for $125, but I felt like he was right there beside me as I worked through some of the recipes.

The book is full of beautiful and inspiring images and will excite your imagination if you’re open to new ideas.

Highly recommended.
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