You normally find a photo book review in this spot on Sundays at Photofocus. Since we rebranded to Photofocus and opened up this incarnation of the site, most of the book reviews have been written by Conrad Obregon.

I first encountered Conrad when he reviewed one of my “88 Secrets” books. He can be kind of tough so I felt lucky to survive his review with a generally favorable recommendation. I noticed he reviewed lots of photography books so I kept up with him and eventually offered him the chance to review books here at Photofocus.

Conrad Obregon retired from a successful career in law and finance to become a full-time photographer, based in New York City. Besides spending an inordinate amount of time reading and reviewing photography books, he specializes in wildlife photography (especially birds) and landscapes. He occasionally sells an image or displays his work in galleries, although he enjoys himself too much taking and making photographs to market seriously and contents himself by having a long and growing mailing list.

He graciously offered his reviews to our audience and while the individual authors may not always like his detailed and frank analysis – I personally came to very highly trust his opinions. He is in my mind the best photo book reviewer in the business.

Conrad is moving on to concentrate on posting his photo book reviews on Amazon. Look for his work there. It will be worth the effort.

In the mean time we’re searching for a new book reviewer. There will be no replacement of Conrad. That can’t happen because I just don’t think anyone is good enough to REPLACE him. But we will find someone who can do the job and hopefully grow into a position of greatness that matches Conrad’s efforts.

Thanks to Conrad for all his hard work and best wishes.