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Every year I make a set of predictions. Sometimes I do better than others. My predictions last year mostly came true. Let’s see if I can keep that streak going. Here are my predictions for 2011. (I should mention that I’m making a broader attempt at humor in this new set of predictions. Bonus prediction – I predict that attempt will fail.)

1. Canon and Nikon will each introduce full frame cameras in 2011. I make this prediction every year so sooner or later it has to come true.

2. Micro 4/3 will make standard 4/3 cameras irrelevant – that is if they aren’t already irrelevant.

3. Sony will continue to spend millions marketing to the photography market only to have their terribly inept PR department ruin any possible good will or interest the ads generate.

4. Electronic Viewfinders will dramatically improve in 2011, they will become more affordable and their availability will improve too.

5. Medium format will make a come back of sorts in 2011 with more choices and lower prices.

6. More and more cameras will offer serious in-camera HDR options and in 2011 they will actually matter.

7. Photographers will see more electronic publishing and licensing opportunities as the explosion of blogs, mobile sites, downloadable A/V, electronic readers and Apple’s iPad (and new competitors thereto) continue to push old-fashioned print out of existence.

8. Adobe will shorten it’s Photoshop revision timeline to once a year in 2011 going away from the update every 18 months.

9. The folks who predict Apple will stop supporting or selling Aperture in 2011 will be wrong – just as they were in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

10. HDR will gain acceptance to the point where camera club forums pick something completely new and even more silly to argue about.

11. Despite a world-wide economic downturn, the photography industry will have an up year.

12. Scott Kelby will continue to be the best-selling photography author in 2011 – writing an incredible 289 new books a month. :)

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