In the USA it’s Thanksgiving today. It’s the start of the busy holiday retail season in America and it’s a day when many, many cameras are sold.

It’s also a day for reflection and thanks.

Today, I want to take a break from the normal stuff I write at Photofocus to give thanks – well at least thanks from this old photographer’s perspective.

It’s been an amazing year for Photofocus and for me personally. The success of this site, the success I’ve seen in my own career – has been both surprising to me and rewarding. To think that at this late stage of my life I am still relevant – especially in a culture that considers Britney Spears important – well that’s quite an achievement. Thanks to all of you who make me relevant by your continued support.

I am very happy and thankful for my friends in the photo business. In fact, if I am honest about it, I don’t have many friends outside the photo business. You all know who you are and I value our time together. A special shout out to my business partner Skip Cohen who’s been a load of fun all year long. He and others have made this the best year of my life. This is an amazing industry. Many industries generate fierce rivalry amongst their members. But the photo industry is one of the kindest, most helpful, most willing to share industries on the planet. That makes it better than it should be.

I am thankful for the sponsors who I get to work with – many of them are also friends. That is a really big gift I appreciate. The sponsors make this site and the podcast possible.

I am thankful for social media and new media. This has enabled me to reach out to far more people than I would have ever guessed possible. The ability to help and teach and share with tens of thousands of people at once is stunning.

I am thankful for the contributors and staff who make Photofocus possible. Conrad, Andrew and Joe, have been regular contributors to the blog. Their help is valuable to say the least. Thanks to Bruce Clarke who does our show notes. I also appreciate all the help I get from the numerous guest posters who have graced these pages. My guest co-hosts on Photofocus have made that podcast a real success story and have also help countless photographers improve.

I am thankful for simple things like the vastly improved photo gear we all have access to these days. Camera, flashes, lenses, etc., are all better than they used to be and in most cases, cheaper than they used to be. Likewise, I am thankful for all the information on where to shoot, when to shoot and what to shoot you can find on the Internet.

I am thankful for all the people who work behind the scenes in the photo industry to make sure that the average photographer has a chance to get a great shot thanks to educational and training resources both online and off.

Lastly, on a personal mote, I am thankful just to be here. At my age, you can’t take that for granted. :)

I hope everyone has a great holiday and yes – we did publish the podcast today as promised so if you’re sitting around digesting your turkey or ham or whatever, give a listen.

Happy Thanksgiving