I’m getting email from folks who want book suggestions for gifts. I may get time to work on an extensive list, but for now, here are three I like representing three different genres of photography.

My first pick is a book by Rob Sylvan

Taking Stock: Make money in microstock creating photos that sell

Rob Sylvan is a well-known iStock shooter. While this book isn’t about iStock, Rob has taken his experience there and further added to it to explain the current state of the stock photo business.

There are lots of books about the stock photo business and most of them are very outdated and of limited usefulness. Not this book. It is current, relevant and helpful. Worth your time if you want to get into stock shooting.

Next up is a wedding book from Marcus Bell

Master’s Guide to Wedding Photography

Marcus Bell is a very talented and well-known photographer. He’s also known for creating fantastic Photoshop actions and great workflow. What I got from this book was Marcus’ approach to developing a style. It’s not a what camera and f-stop book. It’s a workflow and style book.

Last up is a neat little e-book by my pal Joe Farace

15 Tips For Better Car Photos http://www.stuckincustoms.com/ebook-15-tips-for-better-car-photos/ will set you back less than $10. In return, you’ll get how-to car shooting advice from somebody who has more passion for the subject (cars) than just about anyone I know. Joe’s sample pictures alone are worth the price of the book.

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