November 23, 2010
Akron, Ohio

Ever wonder what would happen if there was a new resource for professional and aspiring professional photographers to get the help they need in building a quality business?  It’s coming soon as two of the photographic industry’s most recognized experts, Scott Bourne (most followed photographer on Twitter, award-winning photographer and author) and Skip Cohen (past Rangefinder Publishing and WPPI president, author and consultant) launch PWSPI, Professional Wedding & Studio Photographers International.

“It’s time photographers had a new choice when it comes to a solid resource to get help!” commented co-founder Skip Cohen. “We’re going to build this literally from the ground up, adding new benefits and features photographers really need!”

PWSPI is surprisingly far along in the planning and development process with a web presence, Advisory Board and even a “help-line” for photographers struggling with challenges in marketing, social media, technology and business management, just to name a few.

“I’ve been a member of virtually every association within professional photography at one point or another,” said Bourne. He went on to comment, “We’re going to bring together the best of each of the old-fashioned professional photo associations and dump the dead weight. Our goal is to make sure our members end up running a successful photography business. Due to past projects and experience, we now have definite ideas of where photographers need the most help, and how to deliver that at a reasonable cost. With the help of other industry leaders, vendors, sponsors and the members we expect to attract, we’re building it!”

GoingPro2010, Bourne and Cohen’s first joint project launched just seven months ago, and already reaches tens of thousands of photographers. The first GoingPro Bootcamp was held in New Jersey in
October, creating a buzz not seen very often in the well-established photographic industry. Now, taking what they’ve learned from thousands of photographers participating in GoingPro, Bourne and Cohen are blazing a new trail. PWSPI is a truly different kind of professional association. PWSPI will take advantage of social and new media so that it can react quickly to its members’ and market needs. PWSPI won’t be bogged down by years of red tape, politics and bureaucracy. It will add outreach to consumers, education, networking, and more to make sure its member photographers become better business people, artists and managers.

In association with PMA, PWSPI will be working closely to develop an effective membership infrastructure.

“PMA has so much incredible experience in member support. We’re excited to be associated with PMA and be able to bring this level of expertise to our new members,” said Bourne.

PWSPI will also establish a non-profit arm tying back in various charities on a rotating basis. Both Cohen and Bourne have a reputation for giving back to the community and PWSPI will carry on this tradition.

PWSPI’s soft launch of its blog site will launch on December 1, 2010.

For more information contact [email protected]

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