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The ability to capture a moment – That’s the magic of photography. It allows us to capture and preserve moments in time – before they leave us forever. The photograph above is one of my favorites. Not because it’s technically perfect. It isn’t. It’s an old film shot scanned before the scanners were very good. But I love the place and the peace and the mood.

Today I found out that the shot above of Paradise Falls on Mt. Rainier is no longer possible to shoot. Since Mt. Rainier suffers from severe geological activity, there are often major floods. A flood changed the landscape in this end of the park so dramatically that this shot can no longer be made. Fortunately, my shot will live on past me and people who know this place will have the chance to remember it as it was. That’s the power of photography.

The world we live in is fleeting. Our time here limited. It seems like just yesterday I was a young man. It seems like just yesterday I built my first web site; saw the first digital camera; and made my first print. But it was actually a long time ago. Time really does fly. That’s why the moments we capture with our cameras matter.

The next time you’re tempted to debate something petty like Nikon v. Canon, or film v. digital or Lightroom v. Aperture, ask yourself if that time wouldn’t be better spent making photos of the fleeting moments that occupy your life. Ask yourself who in your life you wish you could make a portrait of before they are gone.What special place does your family always want to remember? Spend time shooting, not engaging in pedantic, petty arguments. Photography is a special gift. Photography is a time machine. It is the only thing I know of that can stop time. Today I am going to go photograph three people I know who matter to me. I am going to record the moments we have together. I’ll deal with everything else later. These moments and the people they are attached to will now live forever.

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