November 2, 2010

Happy Birthday To Us

Copyright Marc Katz - And Yes - That IS A Grizzly Bear!

Please indulge the staff at Bourne Media Group and Photofocus a small celebration. This month, we celebrate our 12th birthday. WAY back on November 2, 1998, the first edition of Photofocus was published. Since then, the online publication has taken on many forms. Our current iteration of Photofocus started almost two years ago. We were one of the first photography sites of our kind. Since then we’ve enjoyed many firsts. For instance, we were one of the first such sites to become available via RSS subscription. We were also THE first photo site to be available via subscription on the Kindle. We’re working hard to develop an iPad application that will provide a new Photofocus experience for those who like Apple’s tablet, and we’re continuing to do our best to educate, inform, entertain and inspire in new ways.

For more than a year, we’ve had at least one post each week make the elite Top 100. This is no small accomplishment given the world’s obsession with pop culture and stars like Britney Spears, etc. We’ve also been recognized by several blogging organizations and even one news organization.

Thanks to Jason, Jana, Kathy, Claudia, Joe, Andrew, Brent, Ara, Andy and the rest of the folks who make this all possible. Thanks also to our special guest podcast hosts along the way as well as our great sponsors and audience. Despite tough economy, we’ve seen an increase in audience of 10% year over year and 35% since launching this version of Photofocus back in January 2008.

Our current site contains more than 1500 photography-related posts, including dozens of videos and more than 50 audio podcasts. It’s all free. We’ve never charged for the content delivered at and never will.

If you have constructive, creative, helpful ideas on how we can continue to grow and improve Photofocus, celebrate our birthday with us by sharing them in an email to: Photofocus @

All of the people who work on this product appreciate your continued support.