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I am in New York City for the giant Photo Plus Expo at Javitz Center. Almost 40,000 people are expected at the show making it one of the biggest around.

The very best thing about these shows, bar none, is the chance to see and spend time with old friends. I feel very fortunate to work in an industry full of such warm, intelligent, caring people.

Monday, I had the pleasure of spending the day working with the fine people at the MACGroup. They distribute products like Mamyia, Benro, Pocketwizzards, etc. And Jjust today I saw Sarah and Lauren from Pictage. I saw Lisa from Graphistudio and Candice and Christy from SmugMug. I saw Bill Fortney from Nikon – who is one of the nicest guys in the world. If you don’t believe me ask @ScottKelby. I spent a lot of time with Joel from Adorama and the rest of the Adorama team. (Amazing folks by the way and it’s a Who’s Who from the industry in that place. Saw Jim Garner and his lovely wife there too.) I also spent time with my sometimes podcasting partner Tamara Lackey. She treated ME to lunch. Go figure. I also met some new friends and of course my old pal Skip Cohen and I hung out for a while.

I have a surprise announcement. I’ll be running a photo Q&A in the Adorama booth with Tamara Lackey from 11AM to Noon tomorrow, on the show floor. It will sort of be like an informal episode of Photofocus. Stop by and say hi if you have time. And I am speaking in the conference on Twitter Saturday afternoon.

It’s shaping up to be an amazing conference. We were lucky yesterday. The weather was amazing but by last night, it got ugly. Today it was rainy, hot and humid.

The streets are full of people going about their every day lives. I probably heard 20 languages spoken today alone. It’s really a melting pot.

I made the above image of the Empire State Building from my hotel in Herald Square last night as the storm came in.

I hope to get some more great shots from the USS Intrepid Friday night. I’ll update here with any new products or information I find relevant at the show. If you’re around stop me and say hi.


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