I’ve been operating this site in one form or another since 1998. In fact, we’re just seven weeks from our 13th birthday.

The results of the favorite camera poll I ran this morning hasn’t changed much since then. Canon and Nikon won the lion’s share of the 1500 votes that were cast this morning. Between them, they got more than 88.5 percent of the vote. That’s similar to the results we’ve seen every time we run one of these polls.

The poll offered 15 brands plus OTHER as a choice. Out of 15 brands, Nikon and Canon got slightly more than 88.5 percent of the vote. ALL 13 of the other brands combined received slightly less than 11.5 percent! That is why so much of the gear coverage you see at Photofocus is Nikon or Canon oriented. It’s what our audience is interested in. We are simply trying to serve the interests of the largest portion of our audience.

So next time you’re unhappy because we don’t cover Brand X at least you’ll know why. The majority of our coverage will remain with Nikon or Canon until the poll numbers change.

That said, when you read an article about light, or composition or form, vision, creativity, passion, etc., it doesn’t matter what camera you use. Our advice will still work.

Thanks to everyone who responded to the poll.


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