Have you ever watched a serious concert pianist practice? If not, I highly recommend you try to have that experience. If you want to be a serious photographer, then pay attention to what other serious artists go through to be successful.

I happened to minor in music in college. I also went to a school with a great music program. So I was surrounded by great musicians. I knew many serious pianists. To a concert pianist, the music is an extension of the soul. The composers who created the scores are like religious deity and the the pianists are like the priests.

This is not an exaggeration. This is how it works. These folks traditionally operate with a level of dedication, respect, love and intensity that is hard to conceive.

I often wonder what would happen if photographers would practice their craft hours and hours and hours a day like the concert pianists do. I wonder what would happen if the photographers who say they want to be serious artists would give up a little of their “fun time” to spend more time practicing.

I am guessing that if photographers were to apply themselves the way that concert pianists do, we’d see an amazing amount of killer photography.

I’m just saying…


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