Review by Scott Bourne

Book by Nicole Young

I think I am pretty sure that I received one of the first production Canon 7D models sold in the USA. I received the camera at Photoshop World last year in Vegas. In the one year that this camera has been available I have shot video and stills on it and think it’s an amazing piece of gear.

At the same time I got my camera, Nicole Young (who occasionally guest posts here at Photofocus) got hers. She was tapped to write the Canon 7D book for Peachpit and all I can say is, WOW!

Canon 7D: From Snapshots to Great Shots should be considered required reading for any Canon 7D owner. If you own this camera or are considering it for purchase, stop reading this review and order the book now. Then come back.

I am not just saying that because I have spent time mentoring Nicole. I am saying it because I know how hard she works, how thorough she is and how dedicated to photography she is.

Reading a camera manual is usually quite boring. Most people don’t do it. You can replace your Canon 7D manual with this book and learn more about your camera than you realized possible and still have fun. While you’re at it, you might just learn something about photography. More on that in a minute.

Nicole covers all the basics, plus she opens up the world of the advanced capabilities of this camera by discussing all of its manual and custom modes. She talks about which button does what and shows you how to make that all count for good images.

She covers video, low light shooting, advanced settings and more. Now here’s where this book is different. She also goes into using this camera and obtaining great images by discussing composition, focus, depth of field and more.

Nicole is an ego-less teacher who presents her material in a straight forward fashion that is easy to read. I know she is eager to please and eager to help. You’ll know that too after reading this book.

The illustrations in this book will make your 7D much easier to understand and will help sort out all the things you really need to know to make great images with the 7D.

Highly recommended!

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