You may remember that a while ago I was touting a cool product called Magic Bullet Photo Looks from Red Giant Software. ($199) It’s an amazing program that works with Photoshop, including CS5 and in standalone mode. I wish the program worked with Aperture, but it’s so good that it causes me to use Photoshop more than I normally would.

One of the strengths of Magic Bullet Looks is that it is extensible. The company just released Simon Walker’s Weddings & Events for all the Looks product line. ($69) If you shoot weddings, you’ll want to take a long look at this product.

Everyone works differently. Some people like actions. Some people like filters. Some people like to work from scratch and others from presets. If you like presets, you’ll like this new add-on to the looks catalog. There are 30 presets – which you can customize. They are all well labeled and some of them are fantastic. All are good. It’s the best of both worlds. You get the simplicity of presets with the custom capabilities of filters/actions.

The whole package works in 64-bit mode and can save you a bunch of time if you want to provide clients with highly-stylized images that don’t take a lot of time and Photoshop knowledge.

As an interesting side note – I was in San Francisco shooting along side Simon when he made some of the images used in the promo piece for this product. It was at the 2009 Reframe Conference in San Francisco. We were shooting the same model. I was shooting both video and stills with this model (the beautiful girl in the vintage dress at the beginning of this video) and I can really appreciate what the Magic Bullet product did for his shots. We were working in pretty horrid light at times and looking at the results you’d never know it.

Highly recommended.

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