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Here’s the 12th and for now, final installment of my fast photo tips. These are simple posts filled with several short ideas to help improve your photography. Don’t over-think it. Just try it.

Scott Bourne’s Fast Photo Tip #34

Autofocus works best in great light. If you’re having trouble with AF and you aren’t getting sharp pictures, chances are it’s in low light situations. Switch to manual focus in low light.

Scott Bourne’s Fast Photo Tip #35

Stacked filters can cause lens flare and reduce contrast. Avoid stacking filters unless it’s absolutely necessary. Try to find the right filter to begin with. It might cost more money but if it helps you avoid stacking filters it’s worth it.

Scott Bourne’s Fast Photo Tip #36

The application of too much noise reduction software can also reduce overall photo sharpness. Use noise reduction sparingly. Also, when possible, don’t use noise reduction globally. Use it just on the noisy areas of your image by applying noise reduction on a layer and erasing it where it’s not needed.

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