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Here’s the 11th installment of my fast photo tips. These are simple posts filled with several short ideas to help improve your photography. Don’t over-think it. Just try it.

Scott Bourne’s Fast Photo Tip #31

Cluttered photographs can confuse the viewer. While it’s tempting to make “sophisticated” images, simple often wins the day. Don’t feel like you need lots of elements to make a great picture. Most of my best-selling images offer a simple subject against a simple background.

Scott Bourne’s Fast Photo Tip #32

Ansel Adams used a technique that is widely-adopted now to make compelling images. Include a strong foreground image when shooting something in the distance. If the foreground is important to your landscape photo, then get down low so it’s impact can be felt by the viewer.

Scott Bourne’s Fast Photo Tip #33

When shooting for a stitched panorama, shoot verticals not horizontals to give your panoramic conversion software more data to work with.

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