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Okay, I’ve published lists like this before – and you all said you wanted more – so here’s more.

1. Stop thinking, stop talking – start shooting. Don’t be pedantic. Don’t worry about the small stuff. Don’t overthink your photo. Just make it.

2. Stop being a perfectionist. Everyone misses a shot now and then. The busiest and most successful pros miss shots every day. If you JUST miss the perfect shot, stop worrying about it. No shot will ever really be perfect. Give yourself room to fail once in a while.

3. Stop trying to shoot for the wrong audience. Who should you shoot for? Well the right audience of course. Only you can determine which is the right audience for you. Decide if you’re shooting to please someone else or yourself. Then pay strict attention to your constituent.

4. Be honest, forthright, open, transparent and good. Don’t worry about shooting to get paid, published or perfect. Just shoot to satisfy your audience – whoever it is.

5. Make sure you relax. Don’t worry so much. Don’t fret. Just go have fun and take pictures.

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