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Here’s the eighth installment of my fast photo tips. These are simple posts filled with several short ideas to help improve your photography. Don’t over-think it. Just try it.

Scott Bourne’s Fast Photo Tip #22

Sometimes the most important tool in your photo bag is patience. Stay an extra 15 min on location to see what you’ve been missing. Spend time really waiting for the very BEST light. Don’t settle for good. Wait for great.

Scott Bourne’s Fast Photo Tip #23

Many point and shoot cameras are capable of full manual control. Read the manual and use these cams to the best of their ability. Spend a day shooting only with your compact camera. Be as serious as you’d be if you were shooting with your DSLR. Take your time. Compose well. Use the camera AS IF it were a top-of-the-line DSLR. I bet you’ll get better than expected results.

Scott Bourne’s Fast Photo Tip #24

In low light situations – use a wider aperture and a higher ISO to get the best results you can without flash.

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