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Here’s the sixth installment of my fast photo tips. These are simple posts filled with several short ideas to help improve your photography. Don’t over-think it. Just try it.

Scott Bourne’s Fast Photo Tip #16

Sometimes you just need to use manual focus. If you don’t have enough light or contrast – or simply at night in darkness, you’ll want to try manual focus. As good as auto-focus has become, it’s not perfect and in the situations where it isn’t, manual focus is the way to go.

Scott Bourne’s Fast Photo Tip #17

Keep your horizon level. Look for horizontal lines in the shot and frame up on them. Use a bubble level on a tripod for perfect level. Some modern cameras also offer you a custom function that displays a grid in your viewfinder or an electronic level. These work very well for straightening a horizon.

Scott Bourne’s Fast Photo Tip #18

If you’re photographing people in foreign lands, be respectful. Match their customs, dress, and manners. Respect their religions and dignity – ask permission before you make a photograph.
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