More and more photographers are using YouTube for posting everything from slide shows with motion to video shot on their hybrid HDSLR.

Here are a few very basic guidelines for posting videos to YouTube.

1. You can’t upload a file longer than 10 minutes or greater than two gigabytes in size.
2. Apple TV Compression (available in a number of Apple applications – even iTunes.)
3. H.264 (MPEG4) is the preferred file format.
4. Pick a descriptive title.
5. Fill out the description box to make your video easier to find via search.
6. Fill out the tags (keywords) so again, people can find your video via search.
7. Pick a category then designate your video as public or private.

If you’d like a much more in-depth look at what YouTube has to offer and how to use it, they offer tons of free help right here.

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