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Here’s the fifth installment of my fast photo tips. These are simple posts filled with several short ideas to help improve your photography. Don’t over-think it. Just try it.

Scott Bourne’s Fast Photo Tip #13

If you shoot video on hybrid Canon Cameras those THM files that accompany your video files can be used to view the video file in Adobe Bridge and to see ALL camera metadata! Don’t throw them away.

Scott Bourne’s Fast Photo Tip #14

If you can press your face against your camera when you handhold it, you can stabilize it and reduce the chance of camera shake. The more points of contact, the more stable.

Scott Bourne’s Fast Photo Tip #15

Pay attention to color in photographs. Color isn’t just visual. It can cause people to feel physical differences like warmth, joy and peace. Color can BE the subject or tell the story or draw the eye or set the mood.

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