Fast Track Photographer, Revised and Expanded Edition: Leverage Your Unique Strengths for a More Successful Photography Business

Review by Scott Bourne

Our regular book reviewer is Conrad Obregon. In my opinion, he’s the best in the business. I often agree with his assessments, but in the case of Dane Sanders’ new book I am not so sure. I tend to think Conrad was just a bit too harsh on Dane.

First – Here’s Conrad’s review.

Now here’s my take. I think that if the right person gets a copy of this book, they will be handed a true gift. Dane has a real knack for helping people to understand the basics of moving a message. His book isn’t intended to teach photography. His book is intended to teach photographers what the markets are really buying. And what they are buying is YOU.

Dane knows this and can help people overcome whatever crutch, excuse or fear they are relying on to keep them from making the decision to move forward with their dreams.

Dane is a religious man and his approach might even remind you of a preacher. But regardless of this fact and how you might feel about it, his message is a good one. I know him to be sincere and I also know he’s actually hoping to help you.

His approach is different and unique and unusual. That’s good in my opinion. Reading his book won’t cost you much money or time but could save you a bunch of both.

You may have heard me talk about his first book by the same name. This new expanded edition has been enhanced and improved. The new book features:

• … Foreward by “What Color is Your Parachute” author, Richard Bolles. He’s published 40 editions of that book.

• … been de-weddified to be inclusive of all genres. The first book was for wedding photographers – this one applies to almost any aspiring professional photographer.

• … new chapter on change and how it works.

• … has been indexed for convenience.

• … new Kindle version now includes the pDNA.

• … physical book also includes pDNA but at about half the price of the original if you buy through Amazon.

Dane Sanders wants to help photographers understand who they are and what they are actually selling. I agree with the general thesis of his book. Highly recommended.
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