I’ve already talked about the importance of improving the audio you record on your hybrid DSLR still/video camera. That post had to do with camera settings. You also need to consider adding an external audio source to get decent audio with your video. Here’s an inexpensive way to do that, and still get great results.

While you may eventually need several different types and styles of microphones, you’ll almost certainly always have need of a shotgun mic. Shotgun mics are very directional. They record audio in tight patterns and at greater distances than your video camera’s built-in mic.

While these mics can cost thousands of dollars, Australian microphone maker Rode makes the “Videomic,” which sells for about $159.00.

The Rode VideoMic with PG1 Pistol Grip Bundle plugs into your video camera using a standard Mini jack and mounts to your video camera’s accessory shoe. The mic features a built in shock mount that reduces handling noise. Best of all, since it offers a tight pickup pattern, you can reliably record sounds as far away as 20 feet.

The audio quality exceeds what you’d expect to get for this price point. It offers very low noise with very rich and full sound especially compared to most built in video camera mics.

If you hope to do professional work, you’ll need to step up to the more expensive shotgun makers. But if you’re just starting out, Rode offers you a great way to improve your sound without busting your budget.

The only complaint I have with this product is that it could be a tad more durable. The shotgun mic mount in particular isn’t as sturdy as it should be. But if you’re careful with it, you should have no problems.

Highly recommended.

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