Apple has released its latest OS for the iPhone.

I was keen to note that the camera now features a built-in 5x Zoom. This function has been available through a number of third-party apps for the iPhone camera for a long time. I’m glad to see that Apple added that in its own software. Also new to this latest version is tap to focus video. Additionally Face and Places support has been added.

While the current iPhone camera is far from the best in the world, it’s certainly good enough to make some great images. The iPhone 4 camera is much improved. When you add the functionality of the new iPhone camera to these features that live in the OS, you have the chance for a seriously capable compact camera that millions of people will always have in their pockets.

Whether you’re an iPhone fan or not, it’s an interesting development and will no doubt help keep shutterbugs interested in the smart phone craze.
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