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Photofocus received several questions about composition this week so I thought I’d cover some basic tools that will help you improve your compositional skills. These ideas aren’t presented in depth or in any particular order, nor is the list complete. But it should get you started. Also note that you can find an argument for ignoring any of these ideas. Just make sure you know the rule before you break it and that you can articulate why you broke it.

1. Use negative space.
2. Avoid merges.
3. Place your subjects in unifying positions.
4. Look for symmetry as well as asymmetry.
5. Use frames within frames.
6. Use natural elements to frame your subject.
7. Use lines and curves to draw the eye.
8. Use repeating themes and iteration.
9. Look for shapes.
10. Use the rule of thirds.
11. Don’t put your subject dead center.
12. Don’t put the horizon in the middle of the frame.
13. Make your main subject the largest item in the frame.
14. Play with angle and perceptive.
15. When it doubt leave it out.

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