Disclaimer: The ads you see on Photofocus include ads for a product called the RayFlash which is also distributed by ExpoImaging.

ExpoImaging is now shipping Rogue FlashBenders. These are light modifiers that replace the need for products like spheres, or plastic domes used to diffuse light from small flashes.

FlashBenders work with small flashes and even small LED lights. You can bend, shape and mold the FlashBender to push light in any direction. These devices can be used to flag and diffuse light. They can be used to bend light. You can use them to make barn doors, snoots, flags, bounce cards, etc.

With Flash - Copyright Scott Bourne 2010 - All Rights Reserved

What I like about the Rogue products is that they are designed as a system. They are also far more flexible than any similarly situated product. You have nearly complete control over how your flash’s light is deployed.

You can direct light exactly where it’s needed. But you can also use it to shield it from where it’s not wanted.

In the photo above, I used the large FlashBender as a reflector positioned behind the flash. It provided just a kiss of light that opened up the shadows and created enough mood to make the picture both interesting and still well lit.

In the second photo, I made the image using only natural light. It’s a nice picture, but in my opinion, lacks illumination. The FlashBender was the absolutely perfect tool for this job. I needed a soft light and the large reflector took the small source light, i.e., the flash head, and made it big using the reflector. Big equals soft and soft was what I needed. I’m very impressed with the results.

Without Flash - Copyright Scott Bourne 2010 - All Rights Reserved

Another thing in favor of the FlashBenders is portability. If you’ve seen the big plastic light modifiers that some photographers use you may wonder how these devices fit in a camera bag. The answer is – they don’t.

This problem simply doesn’t exist when it comes to the FlashBenders. I added the set of three to an already full camera bag with no problem. The FlashBenders fold and lay flat. They’re as easy to transport as a piece of soft cardboard.

The Great Bambi Cantrell Tests The FlashBender

I’ve worked with these products for a week and already seen many uses for them. I’ve tested them in ways that maybe even the manufacturer didn’t see coming. They work great on the small LEDZ hot light I often use for video.

The product installs on your light using a flexible belt attachment. It doesn’t require velcro or sticky tape as do some similar products. The FlashBenders are also brand agnostic. They’ll work on nearly any flash from any manufacturer.

Currently, Rogue FlashBenders are available in three models:

The Bounce Card/Flag, the Small Reflector and the Large Reflector. The 3-piece set is available for $104.85.

Highly recommended.

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