Photo Courtesy Casey Lessard

Hopefully you’re aware of our Emerging Photographer of the Year Award – to recap, over the next year, we’re going to identify 24 photographers who have outstanding work and offer them the exposure that they can get through our Photofocus website. Then, we’re going to select one to give a special award to. (You can still enter the contest. Read the rules linked to above.)

(The exact prize package is still taking shape but here’s what we have so far:)

1. Copy Aperture $199
2. Copy Nik Complete Collection $299
3. Think Tank Rotation 360 Backpack $279
4. $500 cash from Bourne Media Group
5. $500 worth of free consulting from Scott Bourne on Selling/Publishing Photography
5. One year free premium subscription to $375
6. Lensbaby Composer $270
7. $500 gift certificate from Red River Paper
8. One Year NAPP Membership $99
9. One year subscription to Layers Magazine $30
10. One free pass to either Photoshop World East or West (Doesn’t include lodging or transportation – just admission) $699
11. One year free Smug Mug Pro Account $150
12. KIBOKO Camera Bag from Gura Gear $400
13. TrekPod Go! PRO $230
14. $500 gift certificate from Outdoor Photo Gear
15. Trek-Tech T-Pod Mini Tripod w/ Ballhead & MagMount STAR Quick Release System $50
16. Xtand iPhone holder by Just Mobile $40
17. $150 gift certificate
18. Nations Photo Lab – $500 gift certificate

I’m proud to announce our 19th finalist. Casey Lessard is a newspaper photographer from Parkhill, Ontario, Canada.

It’s easy to look at newspaper photography as mundane and routine. But Casey shows that newspaper photojournalism doesn’t have to be boring. Casey’s images are whimsical and are a great example of good photojournalism.

Take a look at Casey’s work here and congratulations to Casey. We’re going to announce the next finalist in two weeks.

Here’s a complete list of the finalists so far:

1. Ara Roselani

2. Ana Adams

3. Bryan Holliday

4. Amar Rameshbabu

5. Joseph Linaschke

6.Tia M. Bailey

7. Chitra Aiyer

8. Christian Del Rosario

9. Daniel Winters

10. Bryan Rowland

11. Haroon Sheikh

12. Jessica Lark

13. Konrad Blum

14. Russ Robinson

15. Daniel Finley

16. Andrew Geddes

17. Ryan Gibson

18. Bart Wierzbicki

19. Chris Martin

20. Luis Argerich

21. Casey Lessard

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