As some of you have no doubt figured out, I have a bag problem. That is to say I have too many photo bags. And I like it that way.

I am particularly enjoying owning many smaller bags these days so I can segment my gear more easily.

When ThinkTank announced yet another smallish camera bag I got excited. The Retrospective 20 comes in Pinestone or Black and is priced at $149 and $159 respectively.

It’s a lightweight (2.2 pounds) but very sturdy bag that is secure enough to carry anything you can fit inside, but comfortable enough that you won’t worry about it. In keeping with a popular trend, this bag doesn’t immediately scream – “Hey I am a camera bag – steal me!” It’s stealthy and could pass for any sort of messenger bag.

The bag is absolutely beautiful and while I personally am anything but a slave to fashion, those of you who are will be happy with the look.

If you’re someone who uses a Domke bag, you’ll appreciate the “old school” design of this bag. Like all the ThinkTank products I’ve tested, it’s very well designed and thought out. In the field, it’s just a joy to use. The pockets are where they should be. The zippers are top notch. The dividers are cushy and well-placed.

I want to make particular mention of the over-the-shoulder strap. It’s simply the most comfortable strap I have ever used on any bag or anything else for that matter. I hope that whatever ThinkTank did to make this strap, everyone else will copy it. You can’t improve on it.

If you want to know what I carried in the bag on my field test, here is the list.

1. Canon 1D MK IV
2. 135mm F/2 lens
3. Spare battery/charger
4. Flash
5. Compact Flash Cards
6. Numerous accessories

The bag has a nice organizer built in for things like ink pens and it also includes a rain cover. There’s even a clear business card holder inside.

I really think that if you’re looking for something more than a laptop bag, this is the one you’ll want. If you want a laptop bag that can also accommodate a small amount of gear, I still like the Tenba ProDigital 2.0 Messenger. But if I need to carry more gear than computers, I’ll give the nod to the Think Tank Photo Retrospective 20. Highly recommended.


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