If you’re interested in making money as a photographer, or if you just want to make better images of your own children, you owe it to yourself to check out “Inside Contemporary Children’s Photography” – http://www.filmbaby.com/films/4730.

The 90-minute DVD is simply one of the best investments you could make if children’s portraiture interests you. And it should. Weddings, children and pets (in that order) are the three most popular subjects that professional photographers can choose to make money.

If you’re going to run a business, then you want to emulate someone who’s done it successfully. Tamara Lackey, a North Carolina-based children’s portraitist is such a person. She’s photographed more than 1000 children’s sessions. Her work is inspiring and her ability to share and teach is simply as good as it gets.

Oh yeah – she also literally wrote the book on children’s photography. Her book “The Art of Children’s Portrait Photography” is highly-rated and a great companion to this instructional DVD.

The DVD covers everything from the basics of setting up the studio, to shooting, to selling and everything in between. You’ll see Tamara pose and light her subjects. But more importantly, you’ll watch her deliver the magic sauce that makes it possible to have good, positive interactions with her clients and subjects. This is critically important in children’s portraiture, and Tamara is a master at it.

The behind-the-scenes approach taken by the DVD is both entertaining and informative. Throughout the production, there’s no point at which I was bored.

The DVD also contains material provided by Tamara’s studio director. Lisa Walter deals with the business side of the equation and offers some concrete tips in a short period of time.

My only complaint about the DVD is that it’s too short. I found myself wanting more. I guess that’s a good problem.

The production values on this DVD will probably shock you – in a good way. This DVD is broadcast TV quality. Make no mistake. This instructional DVD production isn’t an afterthought. It isn’t Tamara’s friends or family standing in the back of a room during one of her seminars with a $500 camcorder. This is a well-thought out, well-crafted, well-shot, well-lit, well-edited product produced by Rex Ballard who is an Emmy-Award winner who’s worked on shows like ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Matlock and documentaries made for The History Channel and National Geographic. His experience shows, as the DVD is well-organized and very enjoyable to watch.

The DVD is priced at $199. It’s well worth it given the high signal to noise ratio, the excellent production values, and the teaching of someone who is actually successful at photographing children for a living.

If you photograph kids, pony up the $200 and you won’t be sorry. It’s a better investment in your children’s photography business than any camera or lens could ever be.

For more information on Tamara’s DVD, visit Tamara Lackey’s website.

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