The Wedding Photographer’s Planner

Book By Kenny Kim

Publisher Wiley

Review by Scott Bourne

Conrad has the week off so you’re stuck with me reviewing Kenny’s book.

Kenny Kim is a very popular young man on the wedding circuit. He’s good at relationship building and social media. He’s also good at business. So if you’re just breaking into wedding photography, I have no doubt he can save you more than $26.39 worth of heartache and trouble that you’d encounter if you didn’t know the material in this book.

As the title implies, this book is more about planning a wedding photo shoot than anything else, and that’s where it has it’s primary value.

Kenny admits to being relatively young in the wedding business. I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t try to come off like someone with more experience than he actually has.

Where his experience can benefit readers most is simple. If they plan to go into the wedding photography business, this book will absolutely take much of the guesswork out of the equation when it comes to things like knowing what to do when you run into an awkward situation, shot lists, workflow, networking opportunities, etc.

It’s very checklist oriented and when you’re starting out, checklists are a good failsafe to keep you on track and on target. Kenny (like all of us who have done this work) has probably made most of the mistakes you’d make, so his lists will help you see where to avoid pitfalls that could mess up your next bride’s big day.

The book is basic and provides the viewpoint of a fairly traditional shooter. I happen to think both of those are good things. It’s important to learn the basics before you step out and try to create the next new great photographic vision. That said, if you’re not new to wedding photography, it’s doubtful this book will help you.

Kenny is an affable guy. His writing style is conversational and entertaining. His passion for his work shows through the book and it’s very engaging. Who says reading for education can’t be fun? If you’re looking for a primer on starting a wedding business or getting one off the ground, invest in this book.

Kenny’s book is a good companion to Dane Sanders’ Fast Track Photographer. Get both and you’re well on your way to success. I’d also advise adding one more book to this pair to complete the knowledge you need to get your start in the wedding business.

The Art of Wedding Photography: Professional Techniques with Style by Bambi Cantrell, Skip Cohen and Dennis Regie will give you the photographic instruction and insight you need to add to the lessons you learn from Kenny and Dane.

Back to Kenny’s book, even though he’s new, I can vouch for his hard work, sincerity and ability to connect with people. That alone makes reading The Wedding Photographer’s Planner worth your time. Those are all traits you’ll need if you plan to succeed as a wedding photographer.


The Wedding Photographer’s Planner

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