For years, one small company named Wimberley has owned the gimbal head market. Photographers who use the big fast lenses like the 500mm F/4, 600 F/54 or 800mm F/5.6 lenses now have a choice. Induro has announced the Induro GHB2 GH-Series Aluminum Gimbal Head.

Gimbal heads make it very easy to use big glass. They provide a gravity balanced, weightless experience. In my wildlife work, I wouldn’t think of shooting without a gimbal.

If you’re unfamiliar with gimbal heads, Induro has a video that you can watch free of charge demonstrating the product.

For years I’ve been searching for a less expensive alternative to the Wimberley. Now I found it. The Induro GHB2 is more than $100 less expensive than the Wimberley, but offers similar if not better quality.

The one trade off is weight. Wimberley’s latest version of the gimbal, the Wimberley II, weighs just 3.15 pounds. The Induro GHB2 weighs 4.00 pounds. If you can accept the additional weight, you can save $100.

As for the rest of it, well Induro nailed it. The knobs are oversized and easy to turn. The platform is height adjustable and even comes with a calibrated scale. There is the traditional Arca-Swiss compatible quick release system and they even throw in a long lens plate. (The last time I checked, Wimberley sold the lens plates separately for $52 to $58 which makes the Induro that much less expensive.)

Induro does make smaller, lighter versions of this head. I personally like the beefiest head I can get when working long lenses so I selected the GHB2. It provides the most stability, flexibility and control.

The Induro is equal or better quality to the Wimberley product in quality and significantly cheaper to buy. Unless weight is your only real consideration, the Induro gimbal sets the new standard. Highly recommended.

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