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According to the Professional Photographers of America, women are the target market when it comes to wedding, portrait, pet and family photography. Women make the strong majority of household purchasing decisions when it comes to these types of photos. So it stands to reason that photographers, male and female, would be better off marketing to women.

For male photographers, this may be a bit of a challenge. Women intuitively are more in tune with each other. Men tend to have a different approach. My goal in this post is to explain some of the key words and phrases that everyone can use to market photography to women.

Whether it’s a blog post, Twitter posting, Facebook fan page, advertisement, direct mail circular, billboard or broadcast ad, if you want to sell photography, sell to women, and remember these keywords. They are designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of the female population. And while it’s impossible to say that EVERY woman will agree, my research shows that these words will generally be a hit with the female of the species.

In no particular order:

Romance, love, passion, simple pleasures, heart, secret, king, queen, princess, prince, duke, royal, temptation, forbidden, soft, clouds, moon, stars, universe, kiss, hug, Heaven, paradise, sweet, mysterious, seductive, virgin, magic, enchantment, bewitched, supernatural, fairy tale.

Try using a combination of these words in your next marketing piece. Use them organically – don’t force it. I think you’ll see positive results.

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