If there was a way you could spend 2 1/2 days with 15 of the very best photographers in the country and not have it cost you anything wouldn’t you want to know about it?

The great Skip’s Summer School Scholarship – a free registration to the number one program of the summer, featuring 15 different instructors for 2 1/2 days – plus $500 cash towards your expenses. If you book your airfare early enough, with MGM’s special $79 rate – you should be able to attend the program at just about no additional cost!

And what a program!  Unlike other seminars you might have been to recently at major conventions, there will be no long lines, no chance of you not getting a seat because we will NOT oversell the program and because the room will be set up classroom style – everyone has a seat at a table, with room to spread out, enjoy the presentations and take notes without being crowded into an over packed auditorium.

It’s the educational and networking event of the summer! And you may get to go for free.

Simply write a blog post, a Tweet or a Facebook entry that starts with the words: “Skip’s Summer School – Why I Want to Go.” (You can get a free blog from Blogger.com and accounts on Twitter and Facebook are free.) Then say something that moves us, entertains us or otherwise convinces us that you’re the person who should win the scholarship. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter. Entrants are welcome from any country. You must be able to attend the conference in August if you are selected. Please don’t enter if you can’t go once selected as winner. That would deny someone else who could attend the chance to go in your place.

We’ll pick a winner on July 1, 2010 and announce here. Skip will also announce it on his Twitter stream at http://www.twitter.com/skipcohen.

Good luck.

P.S. if you register now and we pick your name as the contest winner Skip will reimburse you. So register now if you want to save the $100.