You say you want a big camera case? How about something that you can use to haul all your lights? Perhaps you have a very large collection of photo-related accessories. Whatever your situation, ThinkTank Photo is betting you’ll like the Logistics Manager for the job. I was lucky enough to get one of the first production units and as usual, ThinkTank has done a good job here.

Based on MY experience, this is the largest “camera” bag I’ve ever seen. I have used Pelican cases which are similarly sized, but as far as bags go, this guy is really, really big! It has a big price too. AT $599 it’s the most expensive camera bag I’ve ever tested.

Is it worth it? I think so.

If you need to haul a bunch of stuff, it’s probably worth checking out the Logistics Manager. We’ve stuffed soft boxes, strobes, cameras, very long lenses, etc., in this bag and it had room for more. It will store just about any kind of gear and transport it to just about any location. The bag is sturdy enough to check and comes with TSA-approved combination locks. Now I don’t know how valuable these locks are since there are documented cases of TSA agents stealing passenger baggage, but at least they will stop the casual thief. There is also a rear security cable that makes it easy to lock the case to a fence or grate, etc. Again, this won’t stop even a mildly-determined thief, but it will probably thwart crimes of opportunity where you have your back turned and someone merely wheels your bag away.

The only drawback to the Logistics Manager is its weight. Empty with all the dividers installed it weighs nearly 25 pounds. Load that puppy up with gear and you won’t make the airline’s 50 pound limit – not even close. But to get all that protection, you have to have some girth to the bag. Some compromises are unavoidable.

I own several ThinkTank bags and one thing I can say about all of them is that they’re built like tanks. This one in particular. I’d say that you get as much protection from the Logistics Manager as you do any hard case. The zippers are high quality and sturdy. The ergonomics first rate and the storage options amazing. You could literally configure this bag to store just about anything in just about any manner you can think of. They really designed this for a photographer – there’s even lid straps to keep the bag open at a 90 degree angle so you can work out of it and a rain cover is included.

If you’re a studio, location, sports, or event photographer with a bunch of gear, you will want to take a long look at the ThinkTank Logistics Manager. Highly recommended.
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